A 12 Week Instructional Clinic for Children 7-14 Years Old beginning Sunday November 15th, 2020.

We are Sorry But We are

We are Sorry but we are
How Will The Winter Baseball Clinic Transform
Young Players Into Great Athletes? Find Out...
Check out Coach Tim talking about T-Drills at the Winter Baseball Clinic

Coach Tim knows a lot about hitting. Coach Tim has been playing Independent Minor League Baseball for the past 5 years. Coach Tim has been named to the  Pecos League All Star Team  numerous times. He had a breakout season (8 home runs in one week!) with the Trinidad Triggers out of Colorodo in 2017. We are very fortunate to have Coach Tim working at the Hitting Clinic.

Check Out The Kids' View of the Winter Baseball Clinic

A Mom's View of the Winter Baseball Clinic

A Dad's View of the Winter Baseball Clinic

Welcome to the Winter Baseball Clinic Registration page. This is our 12th year of putting our Winter Baseball Clinic on.

We will be running our program at The Ball Park in Farmingdale, NJ every Sunday morning  beginning Sunday November 15th, 2020 through and including Sunday February 28th, 2021.

We will be taking a break on Sunday November 29th for Thanksgiving weekend and Sunday December 27th, Sunday January 3rd for the Christmas & New Year holidays and Sunday February 21st for the Perfect Game Showcase. That will be a full 12 Sunday clinics. Each 2 hour clinic will be run by 6-10 coaches and a maximum of 60 players.

Our instructors are a mix of former college players and coaches, travel, all star and Little League coaches. We also use a few high school and college standouts in some of our drills to help out. Many of them have been with us for the full 12 years (former attendees). We will also have a couple guest coaches such as Atlanta Braves Coach Joe Breeden who has joined us the past 9 years.

Each 2 hour clinic is extremely organized and the attendees are kept moving and working.

This is not a 2 hour babysitting service, it is an aggressive program geared towards players who are serious about becoming the best players they can be. It is structured towards players who want to improve their skills and are committed to the game of baseball.

We ask our players to get to the clinic 15 minutes early to warm up their arms with a warm up system we have been using for 12 years. Next we perform a group speed and agility warm up before we break into 6 different age groups. Each age group is taken through 6 different mini training sessions where they work on:

1) T-Drills brought to the clinic by Atlanta Braves Coach Joe Breeden

2) Batting Cage hitting drills (soft toss to live pitching)

3) Infield Drills

4) Outfield Drills

5) Pitching & Catchers Drills

6) Speed, Strength and Power Conditioning Drills.

We incorporate Game Situation Drills such as bunt coverage, base running, run downs, etc., throughout the full 12 weeks. The bottom line is that we get a lot of work done each week and we can guarantee that your children will come home sweaty, better ball players and with a big smile on their face.

Your child will take hundreds if not thousands of swings, throws and catches over the Winter months. I am a firm believer that repetition is king and the amount of repetitions they will be getting over the 12 weeks will have them shining in the Spring. Our attendees will be well prepared for spring school tryouts, spring travel tryouts, Little League and any other type of baseball come Spring time.

Limited to the first 60 Registrants

The first day of the clinic will be Sunday November 15th, 2020


The Ball Park

269 Squankum Road (Rear of Property)

Farmingdale, NJ 07727

Clinics will be held Sundays 8-10 am

Hitting & Fielding Drills with Trinidad Trigger's Tim Henry
Tim was a 4 year starter at Ocean Township High School, a 4 year starter at Ithaca College and has been playing Independent Professional Baseball for the Alpine Cowboys and Trinidad Triggers for the past 5 years. Tim has also worked as the Hitting & infield instructor at our Winter Baseball Clinic the past four years.
Hitting Mechanics with
Coach Jared Kolodziejczyk
Jared is the lead hitting instructor at The Ball Park. Jared works with Monmouth and Ocean Counties most elite hitters with many of his former students playing at the college and minor league level.
Jared is the head hitting instructor at The Winter Baseball Clinic. 

Hitting Drills with
Coach Dan Ford
Dan Ford was a standout
ball player for Wagner College. Dan is now head coach of the New Jersey Marlins College Showcase Team. Many of Dan's former players are now playing at the college level. Dan will be working on developing & perfecting catching, fielding, throwing and hitting at the clinic.
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What People Are Saying...

  • "An excellent job across the board"

    Colin has always been a better than average player but hit new heights this past season. His coaches and several parents told me they thought he was the most improved player. He has been playing up a level (12 on a Level 4 13u USABL this past season) for a team that was previously undefeated champs (not this past season). I believe his move into the heart of the lineup 5 or 6 of 12 was primarily a direct result of your clinic. Great Work. I hope more of our team will join future clinics.

    JM Brick, NJ 

  • "Our son made the Middle School team as a 6th grader"

    Mike, I just wanted to let you know that our son made the 7th & 8th grade Middle School team as a 6th grader. He was the only 6th grader to make the team. He is so excited!!! Thanks again for the great camp!! 

    MC, Eatontown, NJ

  • "Kept the boys active, involved"

    Hi Mike! Although we could only make a few of the practices, I was amazed at how wonderfully orchestrated they were! Thank you for all of your efforts -- it kept the boys active, involved in a sport they can play for the rest of their lives, and [they] have developed some terrific friends along the way.

    LL, Freehold Township

  • "The right balance of teaching, challenging...and fun"

    From my sons T-ball days I always had a very positive impression of your coaching style.  Someday I am hoping he ends up on one of your little league teams...the agility you did at the Sat sessions was excellent for footwork and this is an area I have been working on with my son...In an era of hyper-competitive coaching styles you bring the right balance of teaching, challenging and making sure the kids have fun.

    SR, Freehold Township

  • "He gained a whole lot more skills and confidence"

    [My son]...showed some early signs of ability in the spring and fall LL seasons. However, this past winter, he gained a whole lot more skills and confidence...thanks to your program and to the individual attention that you and your coaches gave the boys. Being a coach myself, I know how hard it can be to put on an inspirational program week after week...and you definitely succeeded in that."

    JB, Freehold Township

While we work the boys hard, we also like to have some fun!

During the 12 week clinic we have "Challenge" or "Testing" Days where we reward individuals in 7 different categories.

1) Flamethrower - We test and re-test the players throwing velocity during the 12 week clinic and towards the end we reward the players with the fastest velocity in each of 7 age groups. The pitching and throwing drills we do each week are geared towards improving arm strength, velocity and preventing injuries. 

2) Speed Demon - Each week we work on speed and quickness drills and towards the end of the clinic we have a timed base running contest where the fastest in each of 7 age groups are rewarded. 

3) King of the Cage - We work on a massive amount of hitting drills over the Winter and have developed a tournament to see how well the players have learned what we have taught them and again reward the best in each age group. 

4) Archer - This is a new program where we reward players on distance throwing accuracy.

5) Human Vacuum - This is also a new program where we reward players on a reactive ground ball drill.

6) Home Run Derby- We run an age group specific Home Run Derby using HitTrax. This is one of our most popular events.

7) Exit Velo- We work on perfecting your child's swing and a good indicator is Exit Velocity. We want to encourage our young athletes to swing hard and the Exit Velocity Challenge will help them to do just that.

This is one of the BEST instructional baseball clinics for young athletes. If you have any questions you can contact Mike Duffy on his cell phone @ 732-740-9418.